Lyndhurst Welfare Charity

The Lyndhurst Welfare Charity (LWC) can provide grants and practical support for those living in Lyndhurst. 

What is the Lyndhurst Welfare Charity? 
Eight small local charities were formally grouped together to form LWC in 1993. The interest made from their invested funds is used to offer support. 

Who can apply for help? 
Anyone living in Lyndhurst, Bank and Emery Down Parish who is in need can apply for grants, items or services that will help them or a local group. 

What help can be given?    
Help or grants have been given, for example, to: 

  • provide essential furniture, fridges, cookers or heaters; 
  • families with children for organised holidays with e.g. Scout or Guide camps; 
  • donate to organisations which will provide services to support named local people in hardship;  
  • help with moving expenses and providing necessary respite care. 

Every request is confidentially and carefully considered. Grants are one-off. 

What help can not be given? 
LWC is unable to: 

  • provide cash or pay rates, taxes or interest on loans. 
  • fund repairs or improvements which are the responsibility of another. 

How do I apply for help? 
Applications, in writing or by email, are made to the LWC Clerk, to be considered by the Trustees. 

You may prefer to confide in a local organisation or trusted friend who can contact the clerk for you. 

Anthony Herbert

023 8028 3895


59 The Meadows
SO43 7EJ

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