Lyndhurst and Emery Down
Community Isolation Support Group


Hands, Face, Space”

Who are we?

Lyndhurst & Emery Down Community Isolation Support Group was set up initially on Facebook (social media) on 12 March by Sutti (Anissa’s Thai Kitchen), Simon (Baptist Church) & Lou (local mum), known as Co-ordinator’s.

Across the community we have over 160 local patch leaders and volunteers who joined the group, along with Marie (teacher) who is the admin support & Lucy (local mum) as social media support.

This group was designed to help you in the event of isolation due to COVID-19, whether you have the virus or because you are at risk, for example you are elderly, have health difficulties, or if you are just worried about leaving the house. 

Keeping you safe

Currently this group is active, due to the National lock-down imposed, we are here ready to help. All volunteers are from the local area and we have broken the village down into revised patches, so it’s a neighbour helping neighbours group. All have ID and will identify themselves.

Patch A
Haskells Close, Chapel Lane, A35 to the Bank turn off, Northerwood Ave, Garden Close, Silver street, Rest of Emery Down , Pinkney Lane and round the back of Bank.

Patch B
Beaulieu Road (up to Matley Wood campsite), Southampton Road (From the end of the High Street up to the golf course), Princes Crescent and Queens Road.

Patch C
Romsey Road (From Pikes Hill up to The Kennels), Broughton Road, Foldsgate Close, Westwood Road, Pikes Hill Ave, Calpe Avenue and top end of Gales Green (near Pikes Hill).

Patch D
Racecourse View, The Custards, Clarence Road, Pemberton Road, Forest Gardens, Gales Green (up to Greenmead B&B), Empress Road and Queens Parade, Wellands Road, High Street (up to Fire Station), Kings Close, Top of Romsey Road (just past Kings Close), Elcombes Close, Knightwood Ave, Knightwood Close, Bournemouth Road (up to just past Hartwood House Care Home), Gosport Lane (up to Goose Green), Shaggs Meadow and Church Lane.

Patch E
The Meadows, Great Mead, Chapel Lane (to Pinkney Lane), Shrubbs Hill Road, Dearing Close, Cedarmount, Oak Close, Fir Close, Shrubbs Hill Gardens, Sandy Lane, Houses around Goose Green, Clay Hill (up to Coxlease School), Beechen Lane, Hillary Close and Foxlease.

Patch R
Rufus Court.

How can we help you?

If you are shielding, isolating or self-isolating we need you to stay safe and stay home.  We are happy to arrange any errands, collect essential shopping, collect medication, walk dogs, or generally just have a friendly chat over the telephone. We can also help if you are struggling financially thanks to the Lyndhurst Welfare Charity who have set up a food bank.

Please click the relevant link below and complete the form. Once completed please submit your request of support from the Lyndhurst & Emery Down Community Hub.

Are you a local Volunteer?

The following documents are available to our local volunteers to support them during COVID-19:


Currently there are two ways in which you can donate and we have provided these details below:

Lyndhurst & Emery Down Community Hub
We currently have over 160 volunteers who volunteer their time, services and resources to support the community. We feel that we are so lucky in the village to have this amazing support and many residents are now provided with their medication, shopping and even regular phone calls of a friendly chat to ensure the welfare of those isolating is paramount. We have set up a fund to raise monies which will support the volunteers practical work that is being carried out, whether it is printing, supplies or other small items. Click here to find out more.

Please note that any surplus funds will be donated directly to the Lyndhurst Welfare Charity.

Lyndhurst Welfare Charity
We have been so fortunate as a community to have partnered with the Lyndhurst Welfare Charity, who have provided, funded and continue to fund the much-needed food bank for those residents who are struggling financially during these times. So many of us now find ourselves in unknown territory, many individual circumstances have changed and this provision is providing a lifeline to so many.
Please contact us for further info.

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